kundli milan astrology

What to consider while matching the birth charts for marriage?

Choosing the right life partner can seem like an enormous undertaking, especially when you’re also navigating what feels like an endless sea of astrological signs …

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rahu ketu astrology

The Rahu-Ketu Loop

The Rahu-Ketu Loop refers to the lunar phenomenon that occurs when the moon passes through the node of Rahu or Ketu during its movement around …

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Deity of all the planets

Sun: Looking at the picture of Vishnu where he is carrying the disc ( chakra) which is made by lord Vishwakarma by the powerful sun …

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Best Astrology remedy for Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy, but sometimes we find ourselves in situations where no matter what we do, we can’t get out of them. Usually …

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Still Relevant!

Stephen Schecter called ” Game Theory In Action”. My natural instincts are very much influenced by Mythology and its application in modern world. So, I …

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Ever Discontended Rahu

Swarbhanu the Asura takes the form of devta and stands with them to consume Amrit. Spotted by Surya & Chandra , who alerts Mohini(Avatar of …

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