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Vastu Consultation for Home- Office - Factory

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A brief about vastu

Surround your home with positive vibes with the help of Vastu shastra

Vastu is a science of keeping the principal five elements of nature in their correct positions and the right proposition. Vastu shastra are texts on the traditional Indian architecture system describing fundamentals of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry. Vastu Shastra is known as an ancient guide to a positive home or office space. Vastu checks for your realms of security and stability for your :

vastu shastra

Vastu Process

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Aura Scanning of Entire Plot

Aura Scanning devices are used to scan the negative energies on the entire plot.


Devta Activation

There are 45 Devta AKA Energy fields on any plot, which are activated using Devta activators so that the particular energy field helps us get the best results out of the land.


Installing Vastu Objects/Remedies

In Modern Vastu, various Vastu objects can be energized by their respective energy fields and installed in the plot to correct the Vastu defects.


Constructed area Consultancy

We stay in touch with you to suggest the best possible placements for Machines, Labour, Office, shed, borewell, transformer, etc.


Post Aura Scanning of Plot

We will use the Aura scanning device to check the whole plot to identify and rectify Vastu defects to determine whether the area has become positive or not.


3 Months followup

We are available for a Weekly Video call to ensure that the new construction/Improvements is happening with proper methods as discussed.


Analysing Birth Chart

We strongly believe that the Birthcart of the native can be analyzed to see if planets will cause any significant issues in their lives.


Direction Theory Technique

This theory is an in-house technique where we provide an excel for the next ten years in which we tell what objects or color the factory owner needs to use or wear to get the best possible results.

Astro-Vastu Consultation

vastu shastra for home

Vastu Shastra for


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